Sun-drenched Freeze In My Bones

I woke this morning in the dimness of a 7am-ish pre-work haze.  Yesterday poured rain onto the beaches and streets and mountains of Santa Barbara with a vengeance.  I expected the same today, half-remembering a weather report saying "rain Mon - Thurs."

I stepped outside to behold clear blue skies and bright burnt-to-a-crisp sunshine casting a reddish sheen through leaves in the trees and making the grass look greener than usual (fresh rain yesterday didn't hurt the greenness either).

It was icy cold though. 

It's always a strange feeling to walk in blindingly bright sunshine under open blue skies, and yet shiver to my bones.  The air is finding every space between the pores of my skin and sticking its icicle fingers into them, as if reaching to grab my bones and SHAKE.  And thus I shiver on through the day.  December is here!!  Christmas is only a couple weeks away!  The old year is leaving us at last.  I'm ready for a new year.  The verse on my mind today:

"Your love is new every morning; great is Your faithfulness." -Lamentations 2:23