Papa, Joy, and Me

Pictured below is me, Amy's Grandpa Donald (though we called him Papa), and Grandma Joy.  I took this picture with them several Christmases ago.

Papa served in the Army in World War II.  He went over on D-Day + 1, the day after the infamous D-Day.  By the time he got to the beaches of Normandy the most intense fighting had passed, but he was one day away from facing the worst onslaught that was portrayed in the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan.  By the time he got deep into France he was assigned to guard General Eisenhower in Paris.  After the war, he and Joy entered a life of service (pastoring churches, jail ministry, etc.).

He passed away in recent years, but I know he is chatting it up with A.W. Tozer in Heaven right now. I miss him!

Winter and Christmas 2009 080.JPG