Downtown Santa Barbara provides the home for the majestic Arlington Theatre, in all its vintage Spanish glory.  The interior of the theater is a sight to behold.  They crafted the ceiling to be rounded/domed and in-grafted with small led lights that mimic stars.  They built a facade of an old Spanish village, complete with tiled steps, adobe walls, and balcony windows and terraces, to border the theater.  When you walk in it looks like you've stepped into an old Spanish village at night beneath an open sky of stars.  It's magical.  What makes the whole thing even more interesting for me, is that a relative of mine (on my wife's side) helped build the pipe organ that is installed in the theater.  This relative doesn't live in Santa Barbara, and is originally from Ohio, so it was a strange coincidence. 

I've seen the following events at The Arlington:

-Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

-Brooks Institute of Photography graduation ceremony

-Audio Adrenaline/Mercy Me concert

-Tour of the pipe organ

See pics: