I Agree With Corbin Bernsen: While Grieving for LAX Victims, We Must Choose Love (Turn Away from Hatred)

Although I can't claim to frequent LAX 30 times a year as Corbin Bernsen (of Psych  fame) can -- click here to read his Facebook post about it --  I do go there several times a year.

My heart broke when I heard the news

The murderer not only took the life of a human being, he robbed two children of their father and a wife of her husband. 

It's impossible to fight the tears that are filling my eyes in as I write this. 

God have mercy on us. 

And then I read Corbin's post. His words snapped me out of the darkness. To sum it up: we can't give in to fear or hatred. We must focus on love -- and not just any love. We must click to the only love that is quite literally eternal: that of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Rock of Ages. 

Lord, Please save our country from violence and wickedness. Have mercy on us. Amen.