Why I Love My Church

This past Monday, we had a prayer meeting as we always do on Monday nights. It's what people call an "intercessory" prayer meeting.

It was incredibly powerful. It's hard to describe these things without alienating someone who wasn't there or making it sound -- well, frankly -- more "religious" and dry than it really was.

I would sum it up with this: it was an intensely focused, passionately worded and thought through celebration of the AMAZING promises of Christ for us. It was a magnification of the limitless POSSIBILITIES in Christ -- a direct contrast to the endless limitations and frustrations of the world apart from Christ.

It was a laser-like focus on this single, all-consuming, life-changing truth:






Thanks to everyone who joined in faith that evening -- whether in spirit from a distance or in person. The sense of unity and "togetherness" in the spirit was amazing.

The prayer meeting was so powerful it punched a whole in the sky -- literally (haha). A very rare weather phenomenon -- as in rare for the entire world, not just for us -- happened on the same day as the prayer meeting. It's called a fallstreak, and it's a strange occurrence that makes the sky look as if a hole had been punched in it. Here is how it looked in Goleta on Monday:

fall streak.jpg