Left Alone with God's Thoughts (a poem)

Left Alone with God's Thoughts

(by Kevin Ott)


There is a bird,

That comes to my window,

I see its flight path,

Through an arching rainbow,

It carries sparks and colors like the 4th of July,

Memories that beat and hover before my eyes,

And I reach for it.


Just as my fingers touch the wing,

Waiting in the wings,

Its joyous feathers and song,

The bird darts away into the dusk,

And swims into night's dark pond,

And then I see,

Sweet and starry, the wine that I could hold,

Is there behind

a godlike cellar door of old.

And I reach for it.


But they flee,

Those little stabs of joy,

And leave me alone with God's thoughts,

So I wander, with plumes of sighs,

Through winding winter mountain paths,

And forget-me-nots.