Obama and Kerry Have Ignored Pastor Saeed, But We Will Not

Apparently, an American citizen imprisoned in a brutal Iranian prison simply for being a Christian is no concern to President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry. With all the holiday cheer of the Grinch, the Scrooge, and Jack Frost combined, Obama and Kerry did not even mention the pastor or even attempt to breach the subject with the Iranians, according to CNN.

"We were across the table from the Iranians, and we did not bring home Americans. To me that's a tragedy and that's outrageous," said lawyer Jay Sekulow.

"While analysts debated the nuclear agreement's pros and cons," CNN reported, "Abedini's wife, Naghmeh, said she was trying to comfort her two young children. 'It's very painful,' she told CNN's 'The Lead' on Monday. 'My kids were crying this morning, saying, 'God, don't let Daddy die. Bring him home.' "

Obama, your message to the world is clear: you could care less about religious freedom, an innocent Christian in prison, or his wife and children who have been left behind.

While you're at it, why don't you cancel Christmas, kick some puppies, and relentlessly persecute and target Protestant Christians, Catholics, and Jews in the United States -- oh wait, you're already doing that last one.

23 Senators from both political parties have urged Obama to help Saeed.

You can do your part in pressuring the government here or by signing this petition or showing your support on this Facebook page.