Operation Torch: Our Small Part in Completing the Great Commission

In October 2013, eight guys from Jubilee Christian Church got together in a billiard hall in downtown Santa Barbara and plotted how they would conquer the world.

We all committed to a project called Operation Torch -- a remote evangelism mission in which we would use Internet technology to plant the Gospel in each of the 68 nations in what is called the 10/40 Window.

What is the 10/40 Window? It is the final frontier. It is the last area of the Earth -- defined in longitude and latitude (10/40) -- that has not had the Gospel preached in it.

One of the most important prophecies that Jesus Christ declared was this: He would not return to Earth until every the Gospel had been preached in every nation. The 10'40 Window is the final area of the world that has yet to have the Gospel firmly planted in its soil through thorough preaching of the Good News, discipleship, and church planting.

Is this project an attempt to accomplish this goal single-handed? Not even close. We are not presuming to think that we could accomplish such a massive goal through the Internet alone. It is going to take thousands upon thousands of missionaries uniquely equipped -- preferably not Westerners because they have a hard time moving freely or gaining trust in the Middle Eastern nations -- who are willing to lay down their lives in the most dangerous regions in the world.

And it's already happening. The armies of missionaries ready to complete the Great Commission are already marching.

As I write, there are thousands of Chinese missionaries leaving their homes and traveling along the Silk Road into the 10/40 to preach the Gospel. The Chinese house church, which numbers around 150 million members, has tithed 10% of its one million leaders/elders/pastors to go "back to Jerusalem" -- meaning take the Gospel into the 10/40 Window until they reach the place where the Gospel originated: Jerusalem.

Since Jesus established His Church, the Gospel generally has moved in a westward direction. It did not begin making significant progress into the Asia until the 20th century. And then, in the latter half of the 20th century, China experienced the greatest revival in history and became the epicenter of Christianity, if you go by numbers alone. Suddenly the Gospel baton had been passed from Westerners into the hands of Eastern missionaries. And, as the New Millenium dawned, they began their mission Back to Jerusalem.

But they are not alone. The African Church experienced astonishing revival in the 20th century as well, which equipped with them with the numbers and the drive to embark on the same quest as the Chinese. They also are sending thousands of missionaries north into the Middle East and the 10/40 Window.

The Chinese are entering the 10/40 Window from the East. The Africans are entering it from the Southwest. It is essentially a pincer attack from both fronts.

God's strategic brilliance is breathtaking.

The least we can do is provide a little air support.

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