Pray For Peace Between China and Japan

Some of you might be aware of the trouble brewing in the East between China and Japan, but you might not be privy to what's happening behind-the-scenes that's provoking these tensions.

And, to make a long story short, China has been claiming that Japanese islands in the East China Sea belong to them. China has claimed the territory as a no-fly zone. Japan has defied this by ordering its commercial airlines to maintain their flight paths through that region.

However, there is more than meets the eye.

Here is an excellent summary on some of the forces behind the China-Japan tensions, from (written by Dr. Jack Wheeler):

You're going to hear a lot about 1914 this year, and various "hair-triggers" that if pulled will plunge us into a 21st century World War I.  The finger on the most dangerous such trigger is Chinese. 

Xi Jinping is making very loud noises about reforming his economy - getting rid of corruption and profitless state-owned enterprises, etc. - as the Chicom economy is in trouble.  In the last four years - 2009-2012 - the Chicom credit system has exploded from $9 trillion to $24 trillion, or 400% of a $8 trillion GDP.

The result is that China is running out of cash, with businesses and bankers now using a shadow currency.  No wonder that at the end of 2013, China has the worst-performing stock market in Asia.

Little wonder that Xi is ramping up the jingoism, demonizing China's favorite foreign devil, the Japanese.  Yesterday (01/02), Xi's Ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, compared Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to - believe it or not - the arch villain of the Harry Potter books, Lord Voldemort. It's called Juvenile Diplomacy.

Japan under the evil Abe, you see, has become "a serious threat to global peace" according to Liu and Xi for having the intolerable effrontery to stand up to Chicom imperialism.  So China claims Japanese islands in the East China Sea, threatens war if Japan doesn't surrender them - and Japan is the aggressor, the "threat to peace."  Yep, that's the Chicom way.

And Zero is egging them on with his ridiculously incompetent, feckless foreign policy.  That's why the Chicoms almost have to precipitate a war with Japan - because they are sure that Zero doesn't have the spine to back Japan, thus precipitating a China-US war.  China's defeat of Japan and humiliation of America is a prize too tempting [for them] not to go for.  So the odds are they will.

There are somewhere around 150 million Chinese Christians in China. Japan has a smaller percentage of Christians, but it is a fertile mission ground. Many missionaries are there. Please pray for peace between China and Japan. Pray that war does not erupt -- if only for the sake of the Body of Christ that live in those two lands.