Science May Never Be the Same After October 24, 2014

[Update: The post below is in regard to the documentary "The Principle," which examines a hugely transformative discovery (which was first discovered by an MIT physicist in 2013) in cosmology -- something that could forever change the way humanity perceives the universe and itself. To read about the content of this discovery in detail, go to my full review of the documentary here:

The post below was simply a teaser to this full review above, which was published two days later.]

It will likely become one of the most controversial documentaries ever made. I just saw an advanced screening of a documentary that premiers October 24. When I say controversy, I mean the same level of controversy and meaningful impact as when Copernicus made his claims about the nature of the universe or when Einstein dropped the theory of relativity on us. It is causing a crisis in the scientific community -- at least for those who are wholly invested in what 20th century science has embraced as indisputable. This is absolutely jaw-dropping. I look up into the heavens full of stars and everything looks different now -- just knowing what I know now compared to two hours ago. More info to come soon. I just finished it 10 minutes ago, and my mind has been racing just considering all of the implications. More info to come in the next couple days. [written at midnight on Wednesday, October 22]