Easter from a Jesus Freak's Perspective

I wrote the following on Easter 2008:

"This morning I stepped out my front door to go to church, and was greeted by a brilliant sunny blue sky, and green coastal mountains lining the horizon. The distractions from the little trinkets and trappings of preparing for the day, the frittering to and fro, doing this and that, had been competing for my attention all morning, but at the moment I stepped outside, Creation spoke one single Name to my heart:


He is risen! He is alive! He rose from the dead! He walked among the people (witnessed by hundreds - Jews, Romans, Gentiles of the first century), breathed life into His followers, gave them instructions to wait for the Holy Spirit after He had gone up to be with the Father, and then, on the top of Mt. Olives, went "further up and further in" to the Father's Presence, into the Heavenly dimension where the Throne of God sits above all worlds and beings that lay claim to existence. There He reigns now - with all authority given to Him, remaining ever-vigilant, ever-watchful, seeing and hearing all (He sees me even now as I am typing this), and through the Holy Spirit (Who came down to earth to guide and fill us after Jesus left), He still interacts and speaks to us. And someday, He will return to the earth, and establish His government over the earth. When, and only when, that happens, will this world know true peace."