Movies Present an Opportunity for You to Change People's Lives

One of the four loves, affection ("storge" in the Greek) essentially means the love we feel towards the familiar -- whether familiar people, familiar places, familiar routines, or actual family. This love of the familiar -- especially of familiar routines -- makes the unpredictable nature of evangelism unattractive. It also makes the experience of watching a movie with opposing worldviews angering and uncomfortable.

But this is where we can't let the human love Affection -- the love of the familiar -- rule us.

For example, the recent movie Noah brought opportunity. I know some Christians disagree, but I think it was a great movie to watch for the purpose of having meaningful conversations with others about faith, the Bible, and the differences in various worldviews. And if you know the techniques that a filmmaker uses to wrap their worldviews into a film reel, you can go see a movie like Noah, divide the truth from error, and use it as an opportunity to point others to the Bible. Tell them what God the Father -- the One who sent His own Son to die for us -- is really like. There's a book by Brian Godawa called HOLLYWOOD WORLDVIEWS: WATCHING FILMS WITH WISDOM AND DISCERNMENT, and it is one of the best books I've ever read. Check out why here: