Weekly Round-up: Noah Primeval, Acts of God, Heaven is for Real, and Interviews with Paul Baloche, Francesca Battistelli, Tichina Arnold, and Gary Busey

As editor of RockinGodsHouse.com, I must -- yes, I must -- tell you about exciting reviews and interviews that have happened in the last week:

1. Noah Primeval. This is a flipping AWESOME novel by Hollywood screenwriter Brian Godawa about the life of Noah and the events leading up to the Flood. And it's not subversive like Darren Aronofsky's version, which completely misrepresents the character of God. Check out my review of the novel Noah Primeval here.

2. Acts of God movie review. Want to watch a movie with great Hollywood production value but with a Christian worldview that tackles the theological problem of pain? Of course you do. I reviewed this amazing film here. It has Pastor Bob Russell in it. Bob is cool.

3. Also reviewed Heaven is for Real with Greg Kinnear and Thomas Haden Church. LOVED IT. The guy who wrote the screenplay for Braveheart -- Randall Wallace -- directed it. Read why the movie is so awesome here.

4. Rocking God's House interviewed Francesca Battistelli about how her face ended up on three million Diet Pepsi cans (read it here), Gary Busey about his Amazon Fire commercial and the story behind it, worship leader and songwriter Paul Baloche and his thoughts on worship today, and Hollywood actress Tichina Arnold and how a preacher prophesied to her when she was a kid about how she would someday "influence millions." Check it out here.