God's Love Seen in Sound Waves

I believe in the Trinity. I am not ashamed of its theological "knots." It is the crown glory of Christian faith and it is absolutely essential -- assuming you believe what the apostle John said when he wrote "God is love."

Christianity Today had a recent article all about this, and I'll summarize it this way: if God was not a three-in-one Trinity -- an eternal relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- if God was instead a solitary being who existed alone in eternity before creating angelic beings and humans, His core nature would not be love. Love, by definition, requires a community. God, in His Triune nature, is the first community, the Uncaused Community that is the Cause of all other relationships filled by love.

Therefore, when the Apostle John said that "God is love," it was another way of saying that God is a relational being who has always been that way in His eternal uncaused existence.

With that in mind, I find it fascinating that when you walk over to a piano, strike a single note on it, you are actually not striking one note but many notes. Many notes are hidden in the illusion of one note.

When you play a string or wind instrument, which about covers all instrument types except percussion, any single note you play might sound like an individual note by itself, but it's all an illusion. Sound waves in music are built on the overtone series, and this fascinating natural phenomenon -- created by God through Christ, as the Word says about Creation -- uses many different little notes that add up together to create the one note you hear in a piano.

Yes, there is a fundamental note -- a dominating frequency you hear -- but the very tone quality and shape of that note is created by many quiet notes, ones that only a highly trained ear could detect, that add up together in the natural harmonic series. You could easily count 16 if you were able to see the ones that would fit comfortably on a music staff.

16 notes in one!

And that's a very conservative number.

So even sound itself follows the pattern of God's Triune nature: an intimate, powerful relational three-persons-in-one God who is so unified that He speaks and acts as one, yet there is a community within Him: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

God is love indeed.