Gird Up Your Mind

I'll let the last post -- which talked about the new discovery that sound waves can quite literally defy gravity -- sink in a bit more and take a break today from musical marvels.

Besides, it's Monday. You know what Mondays are good for?

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Enough coffee to drown your "case of the Mondays" (Office Space reference.)

Another great way to drown those blues is to meditate on the sermon you heard on Sunday. The one I heard was about 1 Peter 1:13, which uses the phrase: "gird up the loins of your mind."

Gird up the what the what? Come again?

Pastor Jon Eymann used the analogy of weightlifters who use belts when they lift heavy weights. They use those belts because the muscles in the back can push outwards -- and in all directions, really -- with such force that they might tear through parts of your body they're not supposed to "trespass," and this what causes sudden herniated backs and other health monstrosities. The belt sets a boundary for your muscles in the back/waist that focuses their strength in the right direction and doesn't allow them to explode outward.

The mind of Christ and His Spirit in our lives gives us the power to set real boundaries around our minds. When we submit our hearts and thoughts to Christ, He sets up guards who say to potential thoughts that want to linger in the mind, "You can pass," or "No, you are not allowed in. Go away!"

We desperately need those boundaries if our minds are going to be a throne upon which God's glory and peace can rest. At peace is the man whose mind is stayed on God -- as the Scriptures say. If we have no boundaries for our minds, we will experience great turbulence.

Lord, please calm the storm in my mind!