Remembering the Lives Lost -- Holocaust Memorial Day

In Israel, today (Holocaust Memorial Day) the people will hear alarms and sirens going off all over the country at a specific time. Everyone will then stop what they're doing, stand in silence, and remember. Even people driving on the freeways will hit the brakes, step out of their cars, stand silently, and remember as the sirens sound. The sight of it brings goosebumps.

This video of it will move you to tears, especially if the Holocaust is something fresh on your mind and heart today.

It starts with a few cars pulling over on a very busy freeway in anticipation of the sirens.

About 15 seconds in from where the video starts, you hear the sirens.

And then everything just stops. My jaw dropped open:

The Holocaust is fresh in my mind because I recently watched and reviewed the film Walking with the Enemy, a moving story of a Hungarian Jew who, after being torn from his family and losing them to concentration camps, he disguises himself as a Nazi SS officer to save thousands of Jews from the fiery hatred of the Nazis. Read more about the film and watch a trailer here. It stars Ben Kingsley: