Train Your Ear to Hear the Finer Things in Music

So I'm considering taking an affordable online college course (as far as the cost of college classes go) on #EarTraining by Professor Kris Maloy to refresh my "music ear." Having a music ear is that amazing trick where somebody hears melodies, chords, and notes and knows exactly what they are without ever seeing a sheet of written music; it's when people hear a song on the radio for the first time, and they can play it back by ear, and it makes you very jealous about how easy they make it look! As I looked into this online college class from #ProfessorKrisMaloy, I discovered a referral program where if people sign up for the class through my blog, I get some financial support in return for my trouble. So this is one of those affiliate situations, but it is such a cool online college course (deeply discounted!) that I couldn't resist. Here's the skinny on it in case you're interested, from the professor's site:

"Take a real college class, #EarTrainingForBeginners, from Professor Kris Maloy. Using his 10 years of university teaching experience, he'll teach you to play music by ear and identify chords by only their sound.

In Ear Training for Beginners you will learn to understand music using only your ear. You'll learn to recognize notes, chords and melodies by ear. You will also enhance your knowledge of rhythm and reading and writing music on paper.

By the end of this course, you will be able to hear songs and know what notes are being played.

Professor Maloy's new system of teaching ear training teaches you how to improve your own skills. Instead of repetitive drills, you can learn to teach yourself. 

Real College Class

This is a real college class and lectures are the same as taught at major state universities. No false promises, no false shortcuts. This is a real class at a fraction of the price."