The Great Honor of Interviewing Rabbi Moshe Rosenbaum, the Son of WWII Hero Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum Who Inspired the Ben Kingsley Film "Walking with the Enemy"

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Rabbi Moshe Rosenbaum, a rabbi in Israel and son of WWII hero Pinchas Rosenbaum (#PinchasTiborRosenbaum, #Holocaust, #Israel). I spoke with him about his father's story that was recently adapted for the big screen in a movie starring Ben Kingsley (#BenKingsley) called Walking with the Enemy (#WalkingWithTheEnemy). After the Nazis shipped off his entire family to Auschwitz and murdered them, Pinchas -- the lone survivor from his family -- worked relentlessly in Hungary to save the lives of countless Jews by disguising himself as a SS Nazi officer and "walking with the enemy" as he secretly took many Jews to safety and kept them from being deported to concentration camps. Speaking with Pinchas's son Moshe was fascinating and inspiring.

You can read the interview with Rabbi Moshe here: