A Marriage of Music and Visual Splendor

Music stimulates visual images for some people that have the neurological condition called synesthesia. Someone with this condition might also hear music or sounds when their eyes see a beautiful picture like the ones below of a park in Summerland or the ocean bluffs. To simulate the way synesthesia mismatches one's senses, this post features Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers in a YouTube video below the photos of flowers and sun streaming through the trees. Listen while you watch. Watch while you listen.

Below all of THAT is a stunning time lapse video of sea cliffs north of Santa Barbara. I've placed a YouTube video of Ralph Vaugh Williams's Sea Symphony below the time lapse. The sea bluffs are my favorite place in the world, and that is not an over-exaggeration. Psalm 84 comes the closest to explaining why. The time lapse video below captures these wonderful sea bluffs that have become a home for my heart in certain ways. Enjoy Williams's epic piece. Watch while you listen. Listen while you watch. Enjoy a little simulated synesthesia in your day.