Why There's Still Hope for Iraq

Geopolitical analyst Dr. Jack Wheeler -- a guy who has been to Iraq and has seen these things (not just some desk jockey, in other words) -- had this hopeful assessment of a few silver linings for Iraq.

And, for the record, I believe the Scripture in Romans 8:28, that says God can work all things (including the bad) for the ultimate good of His plan, definitely applies here. Iraq really REALLY needs our prayers right now! And pray for the church in Iraq! Christians there are experiencing a fierce, horrendous storm of violence, death, and persecution right now. Pray for them!

You can read much more from Dr. Wheeler at his site www.tothepointnews.com.  But for now, here is the excerpt about what positive things could happen despite all the hell breaking loose in Iraq:

"Are there any silver linings...?  Yes, there are several.  First is it helps the Kurds.

"Yesterday (6/12), Kurdish Peshmerga forces finally took control of Kirkuk. There are ten or twenty times as many Peshmerga as ISIS Jihadis [NOTE: ISIS is the group trying to take over Iraq; they are causing all the chaos in Iraq right now], who are also far better fighters.  There is no chance the latter [the bad guys] will take over Iraqi Kurdistan.  Maliki thwarted every attempt to at least share the wealth of the Kirkuk oilfields, and now they all belong, as they should, to the Kurds.  This is a welcome step towards the creation of an independent Kurdistan. [which is a good thing, according to Dr. Wheeler, and I tend to agree]

"Second is that most Iraqi Sunnis have no desire for Stone Age Islam.  ISIS is winning now with its crazed brutality, but this cannot last.  They may think Mosul will be their capital, but Erdogan has now sealed the Turkish border from them, Asad will do the same from Syria as they are now a threat, the Kurds will kick their jihadi tails, Iraqi Shias will fight to the death against them, and their support from Iraqi Sunnis will wither away.

"Third is that the ISIS threat will remove the hated Maliki government from power, with Iraq standing a chance to get a more inclusive government.  Maybe not, but there's now a better chance than before."

To be clear, everything that is happening in Iraq right now is terrible beyond words, but there are ways that God can use this utter nightmare to bring about some good. The bad guys can be still be defeated, and I believe God can use the things that were meant for evil and find ways to make the wicked schemes backfire -- to bring good out of it somehow.

All is not lost.

 Kurdish Special Forces Soldier in Iraq (from Wikicommons)

Kurdish Special Forces Soldier in Iraq (from Wikicommons)