Remembering My Mom (Today Is Her Birthday)

My awesome, supremely fun and caring mom passed away on December 28, 2010. Today (7/28) is her birthday, and as I think about her, a phrase comes to mind that summarizes her entire persona in a nutshell: spontaneous fun.

At the drop of a hat she would often embark on wild adventures: road trips, hiking trips, and even plane trips. You'd be sitting in the living room with her eating a healthy lunch that she had just prepared (I'm thinking of when I'd come home to visit in college) and then the next thing you know you're out the door into the car on some adventure because she had an idea of something fun to do.

Thanks, Mom, for constantly making things unpredictable and fun. (That is a fake monkey stuffed animal hanging from my head in the pic below -- one of those silly stuffed animals where the limbs tie on and attach to things using magnets. We were goofing around, as usual.)

(And I suspect she would've been enjoyed the spontaneity of this David's Tabernacle thing, and I know she is enraptured with the joy of worshiping Jesus right now in the infinite spontaneity that is Heaven.)