Why Guardians of the Galaxy Is A Great Kevin Bacon Movie (Even Though He Wasn't In It)

Okay time for a pop culture time-out. Kevin Bacon should be feeling very flattered right now because he got some serious love in the latest Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Bacon was not in the movie, but, and I won't give away any spoilers, his name somehow made it into some of the best lines of dialogue in the film. This happened because Guardians of the Galaxy is, on one level, one giant tribute to the '80s, and Bacon's movie Footloose gets center stage at key points. In a symbolic way, in the way that writers use motifs almost as characters in a script, Kevin Bacon kind of WAS a character in the movie. How on earth does that happen in an outer space movie? You'll just have to see it to find out -- though please read my review of it first on RockinGodsHouse.com if you're thinking of taking the family. I wouldn't recommend taking kids under 13 to see it.

My friend Josh Belcher just interviewed Kevin Bacon. Too bad the movie didn't come out sooner. I could've asked Josh to ask Kevin if he knew about his notable presence in the new Marvel movie! [Update: Josh actually contacted Kevin's people by email to ask about what I wrote in my blog post, but he was unavailable to comment on it, unfortunately. Oh well, thanks for trying, Josh!]

So, anyways, congrats Kevin Bacon on your smash-hit movie that came out this weekend!

(And it really was an amazing movie.)

 (picture taken from WikiCommons)

(picture taken from WikiCommons)