Good Things Happening In The Local Church

Good things are happening. Although after starting this new "David's Tabernacle" project (which you can read about on the home page of my site, if you don't know what it is) I've encountered a great deal of spiritual opposition from many sources -- some of it quite discouraging -- and although at certain times the amount of participation has been lower than I expected and hoped, I can say truthfully that it has had a powerful effect on our lives and community, and we're only three or four weeks into it.

I was thinking about something that worship leader Don Moen, the founder of Worship In Action, said in a recent interview with David Santistevan, that it's God's presence that changes people, not the grandiosity of our stage production and musical presentation during church services. This David's Tabernacle project has, as I've come to discover, been all about that: we have zero production, really, we're not even on a stage; we're just standing in a room with a guitar and singing/praying our little hearts out for hours at a time in some cases, and then doing our best to bring the Manifest Presence of God that draws near to us (and transforms our character as we behold Him!) out into the world with us when we leave.

It might not be a very big thing in the eyes of certain people in the world or even in the church, but when we're all gathered together in that little room, plunking away on a guitar late into the night, we encounter the hugeness of Heaven, and we realize that we're opening our hearts to Someone bigger than anything we could ever ask or imagine.

Thank You, Abba Father, for this opportunity! Although we're in a little room, You open the windows of Heaven, and it feels like we're standing in a place like this: