Be Encouraged: God Is Doing Good Things in the Middle East

The news today magnifies darkness and evil. But don't let that lens determine how you see the world. God is at work in the Middle East, and He is moving. And there are good things happening. Here are a few examples: 1) an army of local Christian volunteers in Iraq are rushing to the aid of the refugees suffering as a result of all the violence. Lives are being changed, people are getting cared for, hearts are being healed, and many souls are finding Christ, as reported by Mission Network News (under the sections "Akra" and "Who Are These Workers?"; 2) Revival continues to sweep across Iran; and 3) Iranian Kurds are giving generously to help the stricken Yezidi refugees in Iraq.

Here's a quote from the first link, the one about local Christian volunteers helping the refugees and the heartbroken victims of ISIS violence:

According to multiple ministry leaders working among the internally displaced in the Kurdish region, workers are plentiful.
In a conversation with Christian Aid Mission’s Middle East Director, one ministry leader reported an “army of volunteers from local churches and house churches are ready and willing to help.” These workers, he said, are all born again, evangelical believers with at least basic Bible training, most of whom he has worked with previously.
With funding wired from Christian Aid Mission, the ministries are easily able to buy supplies from local markets to distribute to the needy.
“Everything is available locally and could be purchased in a matter of hours and distributed within a few days,” reported one ministry leader.