'I Will Set You in the Safety for Which You Yearn,' -Psalm 12:5 NKJV

This is God's promise: I will set you in the safety for which you yearn.

That verse knocked me over with its directness. It's as if God just turned to face you and suddenly you're looking Him in the eye.

"I will set you in the safety for which you yearn."

This is, by the way, an example of how the New King James Version adds a slightly different tone and angle to verses. Other verses construct the idea so differently.

In Him we have a Sure Foundation. This, of course, is not a "bless me club" interpretation of that promise. He doesn't guarantee a cushy set of circumstances at all times. We can see that so clearly when we go to the mission field. There we see that God's heart has a different set of priorities than the Western American heart. We prize comfort, success, and stability of all else. It is different with God.

Yet He still promises this amazing thing: to protect those who are oppressed (which is the context of the psalm). In this world the soul of a believer encounters a very real spiritual oppression. Anyone who allows Christ to fill their hearts and transform their life becomes a marked target immediately by the same enemy who has been warring against Christ since the beginning. The person who follows the Good Shepherd becomes a target for the wolf.

Yet God promises us that in Him we will always have a safety net that no wolf can steal from us. No fall will be eternally fatal. And no oppressor can push away the arms of the Good Shepherd from catching us.

We are safe in Christ.


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