"Story in the Stars" - Looking Up at Night Will Never Be the Same

"Story in the Stars" -- the new documentary from best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker Joe Amaral -- has an ambitious goal: prove that God created the heavens, including the 12 most famous constellations in history, for an express purpose: to tell a story. But the spiritual enemy came and twisted humanity's view of the night sky by lying to us about the nature of the stars.

This movie exposes that lie and shows the amazing true story of the 12 constellations, their significance in the Bible and to the earliest names mentioned in the Bible, and how they tell a grand story about a Messiah who was destined to be born of a virgin, to die, to be resurrected with victory over the serpent, and to one day return.

Sound familiar?

It's a fascinating journey. You can read my much more detailed review of the film here: