A New Vision: Come and Join Me in the Gratitude Shop!

You might have noticed a few changes around the site -- especially the homepage. The theme, vision, and name of the site is less about me and more about the vision God has given me: to inspire, train, and encourage others to develop a lifelong habit of gratitude and contentment in Christ, until they can say, "I have and I enjoy God's life in abundance to the full until it overflows" (a paraphrase by John Franco of John 10:10).

And I have lately been inspired by the artisan movement in the United States -- particularly among Christians -- as chronicled by the amazing book "Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate: Crafting a Hand-Made Faith in a Mass Market World" by John J. Thompson (#JohnJThompson).

The way artisans relish labor-intensive projects, working with their hands for hours, day, weeks, months, even years on one project (or just a few) just blows me away. I want to have that same attitude in the way I approach my relationship with God -- particularly in the way I develop a lifelong habit of gratitude and contentment that can thrive under any condition.

Although my topics will vary widely, the stated vision above will inform the tone, atmosphere, and content of the blog.

So come and join me in The Gratitude Shop! We will work on seeing God's goodness with clearer vision together.