"I'm a Dead Man, Until..."

"...I see you walk through..."

A poignant line from the band Crowded House. (And if anyone out there even knows that song without looking it up online, I will...congratulate you...non-verbally...using typed words.)

Why is it a good line for this particular moment?

Because I just saw a film ("San Andreas") in which a man races against all odds to get to his loved ones. It seems the earth and the sea are against him. And he's a dead man until he lays eyes on his loved ones again -- at least that's how he feels.

The film has relationship subtext: in this day and age, it's about as easy to keep a relationship healthy as two people trying to survive an earthquake.

It's about isolation. The endless tug-o-war between selfishness and serving. Between self-centered works of flesh, pride, and who-knows-what-else, and the true miracle of this world: faith and love. It's about the deep chasms and tectonic plates that shift beneath the surface of the heart; and, if not dealt with properly, crack open and swallow us whole. Or things from far off come in when we least expect it -- the tsunami that draws all seas to itself, and then steamrolls fifty billion tons of water across your back with an ironic smile and a white mist that never leaves the horizon.

Okay, maybe the movie wasn't consciously going for all that. It just wanted stuff to go KABOOM.

But it was a surprisingly good movie. Click the link to read my full review.