Book Tour Entry #4: God Doing Some Cool Things

It's been hard to do frequent updates because there's just been so much driving all over the place, followed by exhausted "crashing" whenever the traveling stops. But God keeps opening cool doors.

For example, He keeps bringing people randomly across my path and opens doors for me to speak some encouraging words to them--many of whom have experienced loss recently. 

God's been opening some doors for the tour itself too. More events keep getting booked on-the-spot that I hadn't expected.

God has been so gracious with this whole thing. The weather while any driving was happening has been perfect: mild and sunny. It was 70 degrees today like a summer day--very unusual for this part of the country. The first big snow storm is coming through this weekend, but it's hitting during a time when we're not traveling anywhere. Very thankful for that.

On Monday is an event at a library in northeast Ohio, and then a few days later is the coffee shop event in North Carolina (it will happen after Thanksgiving while everyone is doing Black Friday/Saturday shopping). You can see details of the whole tour schedule at my speaking calendar page.

God is doing cool things, and I'm very grateful for that! And there's been quite a few stunning late autumn scenes here in Midwest America: