Does 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Present a One-Sided View of the Theological Problem of Pain? Does It Affirm Faith? Is Superman Symbolic of Christ?

Those are all questions I tackle in my latest review. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" not only tangles with Batman and Superman, while weaving through 2.5 hours of Lex Luthor-inspired machinations, but it also, through lines given to the Luthor character, states verbatim the classic theological problem of pain: if there is a perfectly good God who is also all-powerful, how can there be suffering in the world?

However, does the film present a one-sided version of this question or does it subtly (and symbolically) present an affirmation of faith in a good God despite all the suffering in the world?

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As a straight-up comic book action movie, "Dawn of Justice" is better than what the critics are making it out to be. (Though the film is indeed dark. But so was the first one, "Man of Steel.")