Bright Morning Star (And the Deep Dark Blue of Early Dawn)

I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.

-Revelation 22:1-6

There is always that hour just before dawn when stars share the sky in a swelling percolation of blue, and the world smells as if God had just created it. In those moments, birds begin to dot the air with their chirping, and the whole land seems to slowly yawn with life.

Is it strange then that one of Jesus’ titles is essentially taken from these moments before dawn? He is called the Bright Morning Star, the One who is above all things and who conquers the darkness. He did not conquer it with a fiery, violent show of force. He conquered it with the shimmering stillness of a star hanging in the heavens as He hung from the Cross.

It is this same Bright Morning Star that offers you His light before you step out of bed each morning and begin your day. He clothes you in His righteousness and high holy brilliance. This might seem hard to accept, especially if you’ve had a bad week or month or year (or life). But all the same, in His grace and mercy, He shines above you, and He is willing to fill your efforts, however meager they might seem to you, with His enduring light.

And, speaking of the morning, it’s not a bad idea to just pick one morning this week, get up before dawn, and spend a few still moments with the Bright Morning Star in prayer, in the Word, in worship and praise, in silent adoration, or all of the above. If the weather’s permissible, maybe get dressed and spend those pre-dawn moments with Him outside where a star is visible. Be intentional about finding a way to actually see a star. The visual power of such things are too often overlooked. God created these things for a reason.

In a recent post ("When Jesus Washes the World Off Our Feet"), images of this modern world’s “thick darkness” were conjured. But whenever I see a star interrupting the sky with its stubborn flame, it rallies my spirit like a leader of a rebel army battling an imperial oppressor. This world works overtime to oppress us, but the sight of a single star in the sky reminds me so quickly, so poignantly, so simply: there is far more above than below. All of the grubby cares of this fallen world are a speck of dust compared to the mighty, eternal wonder of our God.

Go out and see the stars, and let their stubborn rebellion high above the madness of our world remind you that there is a hope that stands taller than whatever sorrow threatens to overwhelm us.

While you’re out there, have your Bible handy, meditate on both the Word and on the visual beauty of the star, and let the experience speak to your heart. The next time you have a bleak, broken day (which might be every day during this stormy season in your life), that pre-dawn fellowship with Christ might make it easier for you to surrender to His quiet, conquering power.

Abba, thank You for the beauty of the stars that You have made. Thank You for the stunning truth hidden in Creation like buried treasure. Open this treasure in my heart and give me a new revelation of who You are as the Bright Morning Star. Shine through me, Lord, even when I am feeble. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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