Prayer Conversations: The Search for Living Water

Today's prayer:

Lord, I thirst for true living water. I'm weary of always trying to find living water in the dead water of this finite world. We drink and drink and drink from all our earthly hopes--our relationships, health, careers, hopes, longing for security and stability--and even when we get one of those things, they fill us for awhile but soon we're thirsty again. This life offers so many wells, so many promises of fulfillment, but even the best that this life can offer leaves the spirit dry and thirsty for more. Your love is better than life itself. I long for your living water that truly satisfies and ends the desperate search, the endless thirst, and I ask for more of your living water to overflow in my spirit, mind, heart, and in every corner of my life until it spills over and encourages other people too. In Jesus' name, amen.

What the Lord might say in reply (John 4):

Everyone who drinks this world's water will be thirsty again, but there is a spring of water that never weakens or stops, but is ever-flowing and moving swiftly through the channels I carve into your heart during the hard times. And this living water can rush through the barriers and rocks that clog up your spirit and overpower them until it is a smooth running river from beginning to end, winding through every canyon and valley, bringing refreshment to places in your spirit that you never thought would find healing or hope again.