Prayer Conversations: Tossed in a Tempest

Today's prayer:

Abba Father, I seek you and take shelter in you today. The frailties and failures and disappointments of life can overwhelm the soul, and the day can knock us over like a micro-burst of torrential wind and rain that no one saw coming--a sudden onset from a storm that can rip trees out of the ground. I look to you when the sky swells dark, when the air is heavy and the sound of my prayers, even under the open sky, are muted and muffled and thrown back at me by life and by the world and by my own weaknesses. And when the sharp words of others hit me like hail I run for cover under the shadow of your wings, in the secret place of your wide pavilion, where all is safe and dry and you set my feet on spacious ground, far away and free from the strife of hearts and people. 

What the Lord might say in reply (Isaiah 54, Zephaniah 3:17):

My afflicted one, tossed back and forth on a tempest, never finding rest. See, I quiet you now with my voice, with singing that surrounds you on every side, with a rush of wind that does not destroy but chases the smoke and smog out of your lungs and lets your spirit breathe deep again, full of new hope and life. See, I build your foundations with precious jewels, and no hand can undo or stop my work. Breathe deep in this secret place and rest.