Prayer Conversations: Brand New Clothes as Bright as the Sun

Today's prayer:

I lift my heart to you, Lord, and ask you to clothe me in your light and strength and in the clothes you've made for me--the covering of the Holy Spirit and the warmth of your promises, your grace and mercy, and the protection of your Word. This world and the people in it try to dress me up in their labels and opinions and ideas and words, and even my own heart dresses itself too much with the shadows and phantoms of fear and grief. I ask you to take that all away and clothe me with Christ and cover me with your perfection that you give away freely.

What the Lord might say in reply (Isaiah 54:17; Romans 13:14):

I invite you into my throne room, my presence, my holy tailor's studio where I will clothe you with a new start in me and give you all my perfection and righteousness for you to wear as a gift. You can never earn your way into my presence and make yourself clean enough, and so I wash you in grace and mercy through the work of my Son on the cross, and I clothe you with new life, like the joy of the sun and the gleam of the moon and the shimmer of constellations, as you rest in my presence and receive all the gifts I have for you in faith.