Weird Stuff Happening On Twitter. How Should Someone Handle Online (Offline) Harassment?

There’s been some weird stuff happening on Twitter.

Awhile ago I became an active participant in a Twitter community that discussed geopolitical topics and theories. Some of the subset theories loosely connected to the main topic were very wild and hard for most people to believe, yet intriguing in the same way a good story is intriguing, and admittedly I was convinced of some of them (at least as being plausible) at one point, so I became a part of the conversation.

The weirdness happened when one of the Twitter users somehow knew my last name even though I had created an anonymous account. They were friendly and seemed to be at the center of this intriguing community corner on Twitter, so that added to the intrigue, though I just figured they had done some general sleuthing.

But still it was weird, and now that I look back on it, it was unsettling.

And things just got weirder. They would do these puzzle games where you try to solve riddles to receive interesting info about a subject, but they got increasingly strange and arbitrary. They also used coded communication and wanted you to do the same.

Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much. I had to stop. I have no interest in social media anymore at this point (at least Twitter), and certainly not with those kind of cryptic conversations that felt manipulative at a certain point. Even if those particular theories do have truth in them, at this point they’ve lost their intrigue and fun (at least for me).

I seemed to catch their attention when I posted some amateur stargazing research I did with my software called Starry Pro 7. I was trying to solve one of their riddles using the software and find some things that were interesting using a system of Biblical allegories to “tell a story in the sky,” as people have called it (see this link for more info on what Christians mean by “The Story in the Stars”) but frankly anyone could have found the same thing with the software.

And then the riddles turned into commands. They were commanding me to research certain things. I was trying to be polite about it and continue the fun, but it was off-putting, and eventually I just had to stop.

Since leaving Twitter, I’ve received comments on other sites I manage and text messages that seem related to that community (as if someone from the community was following me around the internet) because the comment shares the same cryptic tone and writing qualities. I even got a text message from a random number with a similar feeling to it.

And then this evening my computer started doing very odd things (certain things that are possible to do when a hacker tries to control your computer remotely).

It’s all been very weird. At this point, it has felt like online harassment. I am 100% over any of those subject matters, and have no interest in doing any research of that kind.

For a long time I’ve been growing weary of the digital age in general (all the constant web browsing and screens, etc.) and this just pushes me over the edge.

Bottom-line: strange things happening on Twitter. (Oh, and don’t talk to strangers!)