Please pRay for my brother

If this happens to be seen and read, I’d like to ask a favor.

Please keep my oldest brother in prayer.

He’s a veteran and a patriot facing a difficult battle. (He’s 47, but he’s facing end-stage kidney failure, he has been doing dialysis for years, and he doesn’t qualify for a kidney transplant apparently.) I’m praying and believe God will do a miracle and heal his kidneys.

He was an officer in the Air Force who served in Los Angeles. (Though I don’t know much about what he did in the AF, frankly.)

Before the Air Force, he worked extremely hard in school, got a job in D.C. at the Pentagon (even conducted briefings there), and he has always loved America. (And he’s a massive Dodgers and Cowboys fan.) He’s always loved Jesus too.

But please keep him in prayer the best you’re able. These have been hard times on his spirit and mental stamina.

Thanks everyone and God bless you for reading this,