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I've had the joy of speaking in some wonderful places for some wonderful ministry occasions: Africa (Ghana), Poland (Warsaw), Australia (Brisbane), and across the United States. In 2018 (though the date is tentative), I'll be speaking at U2Con in Dublin, Ireland about some of my insights into U2's songwriting style that I share in my book Shadowlands and Songs of Light: An Epic Journey into Joy and Healing (Nov. 2016, BroadStreet Publishing). 

Here is a menu of some of my speaking topics:

  1. (for general Christian audience) "Pursuing a Deeper Hunger for God: How to Turn the Restless, Inconsolable Longing of Life into an Inconsolable Praise that Chases After God with Joy and Passion"
  2. (for general Christian audience) "What it Means to Experience the Joy of Christ (and Not Just Theorize About It): Building a House of Longing for God in the Midst of Trials and Suffering"
  3. (for Christians struggling with grief, depression, or difficult seasons) "Finding an Authentic Joy in the Midst of Grief and Suffering: True Joy Is Not What the World Says It Is (And Why We Need True Joy More Than Ever When We’re Suffering)"
  4. (Christian youth series) "What is the Great Quest of Your Life? Why the World’s Countless Quests Are Hollow and Why Only the Pursuit of God Can Satisfy Your Spiritual Hunger"
  5. (for general Christian audience) "A Treasure Hunt for Christ in the Music Theory of U2: Why the Nature of Music, Especially Songwriting Styles Like U2, Can Point Us to Christ"
  6. (for non-Christian, secular audience) "The Secret Sauce Behind U2’s Epic Music: An Inspiring Look at the Music Theory that Powers One of the Biggest Bands in Rock History"
  7. (for secular or Christian business/leadership/innovator audiences) "Why U2’s Music is So Powerful (And What Leaders Can Learn From It): a Fresh Look at Innovation from the Eyes of Four Irish Lads"
  8. (for marketing conferences) "Why U2’s Music is So Powerful (And What Inbound Marketers Can Learn From It): a Fresh Look at Marketing Innovation from the World of Music"
  9. (for more general self-help context, Christian or non-Christian) "C. S. Lewis’ Amazing Concept of Joy (And Why It Will Change Your Life): The Difference Between Happiness, Pleasure, and the Larger-Than-Life Longing of Lewisian Joy"
  10. (for more general self-help context, Christian or non-Christian) "The Amazing Connection Between the Music of U2 and C. S. Lewis’ Concept of Joy: Why You Need to Know the Difference Between Happiness, Pleasure, and the Epic Longing of Joy"

If you'd like to book me for an event, please fill out the form below. For my faith-related topics above, the thing nearest to my heart is what A. W. Tozer called "the pursuit of God," and my passion is to stir a deep, unquenchable hunger for that pursuit in others. I try to make it interesting along the way. As an author, composer (with a B. A. in music composition), and film critic for, I use interesting angles of music, literature, and film to drive home my topics in the menu above.

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While you're waiting for me to reply, you can watch this video of U2's new Songs and Innocence Tour from their May 2015 show in Los Angeles: