Isaiah 51:16 Comforts Stroke Victim and Family in Time of Need

Isaiah 51:16, which says "I have put My words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of My hand," came to the Rigden family at the perfect time. When Grandma Joy, my wife's grandmother on her mother's side, had a sudden stroke and could not say a word or even swallow, their hearts swayed under the overwhelming shock and pain of the situation. But my wife's mother Beth came across the verse in Isaiah and read it to Grandma Joy, and God swooped down and breathed His comforting breath of life into their spirits at the perfect moment.

The Word of God is indeed living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and the Holy Spirit comes at the perfect time.

Operation Torch, which aims to share the Gospel to people in the 10/40 Window through the Internet, is about the same thing: allowing the Lord to speak His word into people's hearts at the perfect time. May it be so, Lord.

Here is a picture of Grandma Joy and her late husband (whom his grandchildren call Papa) on their wedding day many decades ago. Below that is a more recent picture of Grandma Joy when Papa was still alive.

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Winter and Christmas 2009 080.JPG